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Are you Carrying out Eavestrough Cleaning? Be Sure to Remember Safety

gutter cleaning Eavestrough Cleaning Safety Tips

Should you decide to carry out your eavestrough cleaning yourself, you have to remember that extra precaution should always be taken in case something unexpected happens. Before you climb up your ladder to access your eavestroughs, be sure to remember these important safety tips to ensure that no accidents or injuries to you and your home will happen.

  • Make sure that you have all the tools and materials you’ll need before you begin. Going up and down your ladder because you need to retrieve something increases the risk of you falling over, tripping on the steps or dropping items.


  • Plan the cleaning thoroughly and properly. Don’t rush into going up the roof without a strategy on how you’ll be able to clean the eavestroughs without spending an excessive amount of time doing so. The longer you stay on the ladder or the roof, the higher the risk for an injury or accident so before you start, spend some time looking at your eavestrough system and getting to know its nooks and crannies.


  • If possible, wear a safety harness around your waist that can be latched on to the roof. Make sure though that you are using the proper equipment to do this and that you know how to properly tie knots that are used for climbing ropes.


  • Never clean your eavestroughs if you’re alone at home for obvious reasons. Should there be an accident, you’ll need someone present who can administer help or call someone for help. It’s a good idea to have an extra person (or an assistant perhaps) to hold the ladder steady from the ground which brings us to the next point…


  • A wobbly ladder is an accident waiting to happen. Before even stepping on the ladder, be sure that the ground that it’s on is stable and level. Also check and double check the condition of your ladder, especially if it can adjust to different levels. A good percentage of accidents when cleaning eavestroughs are caused by having either faulty or unstable ladders so you want to pay extra attention to yours.


  • Wear safety gloves during the cleaning process. You’ll never know what kind of debris you’ll encounter and while it’s mostly dead leaves and twigs that is commonly found, there are also bird, squirrel and rodent droppings that may not be immediately visible. The debris is also riddled with bacteria which could bring diseases and illnesses. You might also have shards of glass or metal in the debris and gloves will be able to protect your hands.

Professional Eavestrough Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing eavestrough cleaning for the first or 40th time, safety precautions should always be a priority. There are also professional eavestrough cleaners that you can hire so that you can keep your feet on the ground. Also consider having professional eavestrough cleaners do it once and then ask and learn from them so you’ll get an idea of how to do it.

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